Make A Difference Community X Digital Document Solutions

Our partnership with Digital Document Solutions has been incredibly effective in funding hundreds of thousands of meals.

Who would have thought that such a boring business expense like photocopiers and printers could create so much impact!

Nearly 40% of the total food donated by the Make A Difference Community has been paid from DDS profits. Typically a photocopier will fund over 200 kg’s of pasta – enough for 1,600 meals.

DDS is one of the premier office machines companies in Australia. The service provided is truly outstanding. So many times we hear positive feedback about the quality of service and the machines.

These days you can gauge how well a company is managed by the feedback its clients provide on Google. There really is no hiding from Google!

DDS has over 2,000 clients and incredibly still enjoys a 100% 5-star rating from over 150 different reviews.