Print Management Software

Still manually storing documents? Don’t waste time with filing

Go for an automated document workflow and let the software do the work for you.

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How Our Document Automation Solution Works

Your solution can be designed as simple or complex as necessary, with automated procedures set in place to minimise the amount of information the user must insert when scanning documents, in some cases down to zero, where the software can recognise your scanned pages and sort into pre-programmed designated folders straight from your supplied scanning hardware.

PaperCut is a valuable print management software for multifunction devices (MFD) that enables organisations to track and manage their printing, copying, and scanning.

It allows you convert documents into editable searchable data.

Features include:

  • Easily select any destination:

One-touch scan to home folders, email, or cloud storage accounts like Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint,, and Dropbox.

  • Enjoy smarter digitised documents:

Activate optical character recognition (OCR) and image processing to make your documents more useful by making them text searchable and editable.

  • User friendly for all:

Enjoy a consistent, modern, and easy-to-use scanning interface – regardless of MFD brand and model. Your roaming profiles personalise every device.

  • Extremely flexible tracking:

Customisable reporting for internal cost allocations or charging back clients

uniFLOW is a Canon propriety platform for all your print, scan and device management.

uniFLOW, with its built-in hybrid technology, continues to combine on-premise and cloud resources while simultaneously satisfying the most sophisticated secure print and document scanning processes. uniFLOW 2021 LTS comes with several new features, including the download of print jobs from uniFLOW Online, and the time-saving background scan upload. The release also includes all the previous features of uniFLOW 2020v2 and 2020v3.

Great solution for large sites operating a common printer fleet AND your machine will fund thousands of meals at no cost!

‘Pull printing,’ ‘another commit,’ ‘push printing,’ ‘find me printing,’ ‘tap and print’ — whatever name you may have heard before, Follow-me printing is one of the coolest advancements that PaperCut brings to your printing environment.

Simply, it’s the ability for your users to send their print jobs to a single print queue from their computer or device, and release their jobs from whichever printer they’re close to, whenever they want.