No doubt you have seen pictures of the devastating floods occurring in the Northern Rivers region of Australia. This is a terrible disaster and the BOM is now predicting a 1 in 500 year flood.

Please help us make a massive difference and show the people who have lost homes and livelihoods that we really do care.
We are coordinating with our food suppliers to send 2 tonnes of pasta and 1 tonne of rice to Ballina this Friday. This will help create around 24,000 meals.
We are lucky to have a contact in Ballina, Shape Aluminium, who can receive the pallets and help distribute to all of the food charities in the area.

Every Kenshi candle funds 3kg of pasta! Help us sell 1,000 candles in the next week and together we really will make a massive difference.

For every 5 candles you order we will give you a 6th free!
This is our additional contribution to help you dig deep. As you know these inspiring candles are fantastic gifts for any occasion.
Just use the discount code ”northernrivers” to unlock the free candle.

Please share with everyone you know in any way you can. Thanks for being a part of something special and doing what you can to help fellow Aussies doing it really tough at the moment.

Follow this link to buy candles: