Social Impact

Now your business photocopier & printers can become a real force for good.

Make A Difference Office Machines is a social enterprise dedicated to eradicating hunger in Australia with 50% of our profit donated back to fund food. We supply and support Australia’s leading photocopiers and printers from Canon, Sharp, HP and Epson. We turn your ‘boring’ everyday office photocopier into a ‘food printing’ charity machine that fights hunger.

Our clients absolutely love the idea their “boring” everyday office photocopier are helping fund volumes of food for the homeless. It is a very practical way to show them the company is doing everything possible to give back.

No donation required. We just leverage the money you already spend on office photocopiers and printers and ensure there is a clear business case for change. It will stack up from a business viewpoint.

There is no cost to you and no catch. You are already spending the money so let’s make it count. For you to help is simple.


Look at what our clients and charity food partners are saying about our impact.

Make A Difference Community purchases pallet loads of pasta and rice from various suppliers . There are no admin, storage or freight costs and we buy from the manufacturers and importers at their cost. The pallets of food are then delivered direct to our food charity partners.

This short video will give you certainty that our system has the ability to solve hunger in Victoria forever! We are making a massive difference already. However, we can only continue if kind hearted people continue to let us save them money and donate half our profit.