Michael Foldi

Michael Foldi

How is it possible that each day in Australia there are tens of thousands of other human beings who have no food? Children, families, the elderly and everyone in between.

Australians are generous. If we knew our neighbour had no food we would feed them.

Our country is wealthy.

Yet, for the vast majority of us there is a disconnect. We are so busy coping with our own lives we feel overwhelmed by the idea of helping others.

Where do you start?

For over 20 years my passion has been to combine my work with helping people in desperate need. This is very satisfying and motivated me to create a social enterprise – the Make A Difference Community.

The idea is simple.
We make it easy for companies and people to contribute from money they already spend.
No donations, extra time or major effort required.

Our members donate profit from money you spend on business services, gifts and daily needs.
Each time you support a member of the community you know exactly how much food you are funding!

Please join me on this mission.
How proud will we be when we can tell the world no person in Australia has to suffer through hunger.
We took a stance and said it was unacceptable.

Ensuring all disadvantaged Australians have easy access to food should be a cornerstone of our community. How much food you can fund?

My promise is we have been very careful to only allow outstanding businesses to become members of “The Community.” You will receive great value and service and feel energised knowing you are contributing towards eradicating hunger in Australia.

We look forward to having you on board.