BTACH Candles

Help Eradicate Hunger Across The Bellarine

The Bellarine Training and Community Hub supports the strengthening of The Bellarine’s community through enabling access to lifelong learning and vocational training that addresses the needs of The Bellarine’s community, business and workforce.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with the Make A Difference Community to help eradicate hunger across Bellarine.

Every candle directly funds 3 kg of pasta which equates to 24 meals for Feed Me Bellarine.

Feed Me Bellarine turns leftover food into nutritious meals and delivers to people in need across the Bellarine Peninsula.

They have provided more than 980 meals to those in need. And recipients don’t need to be poor or disadvantaged, either.
That’s why there are no questions, no agendas, if someone asks for help, they will do it.

They now help 100’s of families per week, and that number is expected to increase.