The Make A Difference Community is a partnership of caring companies feeding tens of thousands of people every month without asking for donations.

As a social enterprise dedicated to eradicating hunger we only partner with the very best companies who share our values.



Our members provide a broad range of outstanding products and services at the same price or less than you currently pay. Every time you spend money with one of our members you will know exactly how many kg’s of pasta/rice and meals you are funding. All members donate generously as this is one of our core values.

We are currently buying over 5 tonnes of pasta and rice every month which is delivered to food rescue and relief charities in Australia.

This short inspirational video shows the massive impact our clients are helping create while they save money.


“It is with tears in my eyes that I reply. For many years I have longed to be ‘big enough’ to be able to support those in need more. In our small way, our family donates to UNHCR each month but it has never felt like ‘enough’.

I am so thankful that I found your email in my junk inbox and took the chance to reach out. I never knew that such social enterprises existed and that although we may be ‘small’ – we can still contribute in a meaningful way to those in need.

THANK YOU Graham and to the whole team at Make a Difference – What would the world do without the compassion, dedication and resourcefulness of organisations such as yours?”

nicole wells
nicole wells

company director

“The difference that the Make A Difference Community has done for the Father Bob Maguire Foundation is phenomenal.

What you are doing is putting food in the mouths of people who can least afford it.

The pasta that you are donating to us is seriously fantastic and it is quality food! It is just an amazing effort that you are doing and so we are forever grateful!

What you are doing should be replicated by others. It is about working together as a community looking after one another.”

paul brophy

paul brophy