What We Do

What We Do

Make A Difference Community purchases pasta and rice by the pallet from Coles, IGA, Vaibhav International, LaManna Supermarket and Bonfood Divella. Without their support our impact would be around  40% less.

The money to buy this food is generated in two ways:

1.   50% of the profit on products offered on this website is donated.

2.  Members of the Make A Difference Community donate profit from their sales.

There is no catch. No need to pay more or receive inferior service.
Every time you support a member of our Community you will know exactly how much food you have funded.


This is the exciting part. We don’t need you to donate money. Transaction based giving allows the money you spend on our products and services to directly help fund enormous amounts of food. We believe this is the future to solving so many social challenges. Be a part of the solution. Help us provide our charity partners with ample volumes of food.

Imagine how proud we will be as a nation when all of our disadvantaged citizens have easy access to food. This enables them and all the other charitable organisations to focus on their other needs.

Having easy access to food simply should not be part of their problems.