Every time you support our products and services you know exactly how many KG’s of food you have funded. Transaction-based giving can be incredibly powerful as “you were going to spend the money anyway!”

Have you heard of Paul Newman Sauces? This is an incredible story and perfectly illustrates the massive impact that can be created when consumers are able to access a great product that also creates a generous donation.

Please take a guess as to how much money has been donated around the world from Newman’s Own Foundation. The amount is staggering.

If your guess is within 10% please let us know and we will send you a free Kenshi Candle! The answer is here. 

How many kg’s of pasta will your purchase fund?

Every Kenshi Candle funds an incredible 3kg of pasta.

Enough to create 12 meals. We guarantee the Kenshi Candles are as good or better than the “big brand’ equivalents that sell for $40 to $55. If you don’t agree please ask for a full refund.

Buy 4 or more candles and receive a 7.5% discount. Put in the discount code  “7.5off”.

Every box of toilet paper funds 3.5kg of pasta.

Classic Satin is a soft 2 ply paper suited for everyday use. This product is also FSC certified which meets the most rigorous environmental and social standards for responsible forest management.

Green Earth toilet paper is made from 100% Recycled Post Consumer Material.
This product is FSC (N002732) certified guaranteeing it is responsible sourced.

Each 500ml bottle of hand sanitiser funds 1kg of pasta.

As does a pack of 4 bottles that are perfect for the car or your bag.

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