Kenshi Life Changing Candles

Kenshi Candles is a truly inspiring story of Liam Foldi who decided at 14 years of age he wanted to make a real difference in the world. After 3 years and over 25,000 candles sold, Kenshi has helped raise over one hundred thousand dollars for many different causes. Together we will eradicate hunger in Australia without asking anyone to donate any money

There are now over 300 schools and childcare centres selling the candles which are directly helping us buy food for families in need. Perhaps you’ve seen them on display in their Reception area? In the last 4 months, they have done an absolutely awesome job supporting vulnerable neighbours in our community!

Can you believe we purchased and delivered over 17 tonnes of pasta and rice in November and December? This equals around 125,000 meals and we directly helped the refugee community from Myanmar who make the candles. They are incredibly appreciative of your support as the income from each candle helps them here in Australia and also their family and friends in Myanmar.

These photos were from our partners and from our first “pour” in the new candle making facility in Sunshine North.

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