Graham Correy

Graham Correy

I love making a positive difference for people and the planet and very rarely do we get the chance to make an excellent business deal and make a positive difference for society at the same time.

About 5 years ago, I moved with my family to Melbourne.

We love Melbourne but the number of homeless people on every CBD street corner was shocking.

I wanted to help but did not know how or where to start.

In my previous job as GM for an industrial company, I was contacted by the Make A Difference Community to see if I was interested in using their products. They offered a high quality machine, exceptional service and a better deal but they also promised that our purchase would help vulnerable people in need. With 2 printers, we fed over 2,400 homeless people 800 kg of pasta via 300 charities in Victoria.

I was so blown away by the simplicity and impact of this agreement, that within 6 months I joined the Make A Difference Community.


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